Improve your customer service and generate more sales with proper management of your social networks

Having poorly managed accounts is worse than having no accounts. Many business owners have opened profiles on social networks because someone told them it was necessary, what they may not have considered is that you have to be take care to them, make posts, answer quickly when contacted, otherwise it generates a bad user experience to your customers.

Follow these tips on what to do and not to do and your customers will surely be very happy and will continue buying your products/services in the future.:

  • Recent posts
  • Updated information and schedules
  • Coherent design with branding
  • Quick and professional answer
  • Your prices are clear
  • There is stock of published products
  • Clear delivery times

  • There are no recent posts
  • The schedule does not show
  • There are automatic responses
  • You only give prices by inbox
  • Photos from past seasons
  • There is not good attention to customers
  • You take to long to answer

Leave the social networks in hands of service specialists.'s focus is to serve its clients promptly and effectively. Our mission is to keep your current customers informed and happy, while offering the same value to new users and potential customers.

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9 free tools to facilitate teleworking in your company

Tools to work from home

In these times of the current pandemic, companies have to learn to adapt to teleworking, but many do not even know where to start, so I decided to create and share this short list of some free tools to facilitate teleworking in your company today.

Tracking time
This tool allows your team to easily create a record of the work done during the day. The reports are super detailed to have full transparency on what they were working on.
Trackingtime.coreportes de tiempo

Rescuetime is a very powerful tool to automatically generate reports to get a visual idea of how much time was spent during the week. They spent several hours on Youtube and Facebook and it's not part of their job? Minimize wasted time! The reports are tailored to each user, for example, if using Facebook is considered productive time because it is part of your job, you can make it reflect that way. The reports are very detailed and are generated automatically every Sunday by email. The free version does not allow you to manage your employees' accounts but you can request that they send you the report at the beginning of each week.

Google drive
Sharing and editing documents has never been as easy as it is with google drive, it even allows you to create and edit your word, powerpoint, excel files all in the cloud without requiring heavy downloads or licenses.

Google hangouts is a free tool that allows you to make voice calls, video calls and even share your screen very easily with the participants of the call. The best thing is that it works automatically to create the meeting rooms automatically when you create an event in google calendar.

It is one of the fastest growing communication tools at the moment. With the option of making one-on-one video calls with up to hundreds of visitors for talks, online classes or any other type of event.

Most of the hosting platforms allow you to use the webmail option from the web browser instead of installing apps like thunderbird or outlook on your computer or mobile phone. In the vast majority of cases, if your email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can access your company's webmail at using the same username and password used in outlook. If they use gsuite (gmail for companies) they can access the mail simply by entering with your username and password.

Call My Way
This option is not exactly free but calls between clients are free. Call my way is a Costa Rican IP telephony company that allows you to have a telephone exchange in the cloud. It is very robust and enables many important functions for telecommuting. Some examples are that your employees can make calls from anywhere either with a physical IP phone or an app installed on their cell phone or desktop computer. Among the biggest benefits is that your employees can work from anywhere without using their personal phone number, the call costs are the same as a landline and you can even generate real-time call reports to measure the productivity of your team.

As its Trello website says it allows you to work more collaboratively and be more productive. Trello cards, lists, and boards make it fun, flexible, and helpful to organize and prioritize your projects. What I love is that it is a simplified way to use kanban boards digitally, of course you can find this function in other tools (for example Bitrix24) but the simplicity of trello is on another level.
Visitar trello.comPlanear

There are tons of CRMs on the market but in my opinion the most powerful one with the most generous free plan is bitrix24.

With Bitrix24 you will be able to manage the sales funnel, the entire customer database, lists of pending projects, tasks, calendar, consolidate communication channels since it has direct links to your business profile on Facebook, live chat on your site , post.

Bitrix24 is very complete and powerful but to give you an idea of some of its features it includes the following:

  • Collaboration
    chats, activity stream, messages, polls, telephony integration, voice and video calls

  • CRM
    leads, deals, contacts, invoices, web forms, sales reports, sales automation, open channel integration, website widget

  • Projects management
    tasks, subtasks, Gantt chart, Kanban, dependencies, recurring tasks and task tracking

  • Document management
    file storage and distribution, synchronization with local teams, integrations, document library workflows

  • Reports
    Create real-time reports on the sales process and productivity of your company.

I'm sure there are other tools that suit your business but these are the ones that have served us well. If you know of any tool that you think I should know about, I would love for you to share it with me on instagram @ben.perchinsky. I hope the information has served you and that you can apply it to be more productive. If you have any questions, please contact us for advice.

Google will penalize websites for not having responsive design

Google will penalize the positioning of websites without responsive design (web design technique that prioritizes the correct display of the same page on different devices, computers, tablets or mobile phones. Google indicated that the search engine was going to notify mobile users, the pages that were optimized for screens of any mobile device. He warned that he would do so by contemplating a "mobile" tag below the links of the pages displayed in the search results. This means an imminent change in the search engine algorithm. The giant already not only will it indicate with a label if the sites are optimized for mobile devices, but also that they will enjoy a better position in search results.

What is mobile optimization?

When you do a search on the mobile phone, links to web pages appear, in which you will click on one of them and it turns out that you cannot access the site correctly because the font is very small, the images cannot be seen, or for more that you try to access the information is impossible, cases like these usually happen because that website is not optimized for mobile devices. This type of situation is what Google wants to eliminate and therefore improve the quality of searches for users and improve the experience with any mobile device. The change will be applied from April 21 worldwide, the optimization includes all types of web pages, including corporate sites, online stores and major platforms. What can be done so that Google does not remove my page from its search engine? If you want your page to continue appearing in the Google search engine, our advice is if it is possible to add the functionality to the site, if not, the best thing to do is to redesign the site and be able to continue appearing in one of the most important search engines, For a free advice you can contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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